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The CPHG is committed to making a difference to health inequalities and improving the quality and access to public health evidence for decision making and knowledge translation.

We support, edit and publish systematic reviews of the effects of interventions to improve population health and other outcomes at the population level, rather than those targeted at individuals. We are interested in topics that will contribute to both prevention and health promotion – helping government and non government agencies make an impact on communicable and non-communicable diseases, as well as health, wellbeing, learning and social outcomes.

We focus on interventions which aim to address the structural and social determinants of health, operating at the level of community, systems, policy, legislation and regulation.

We work to provide a suite of reviews that will help answer questions that are relevant to improving health equity and reducing inequalities.

Many reviews will include interventions and contexts that operate outside of the health service system – such as education, transport, the built environment, agriculture, child care and social policies.

Our reviews can be grouped based on the different social determinants addressed:


Employment & the Work Environment

Income distribution and Financial Incentives

Housing and the Built Environment

The Natural Environment

Nutrition, Food Supply and Access

Public Safety

Transport, Active transport and Physical Activity

Social Networks and Support

Systems for Health

The recommendations from the WHO Commission on Social Determinants of Health guided the development of CPHG's scope, for more information –  click here

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