Editorial Team

The work of Cochrane Public Health is carried out by a dedicated group of volunteer editors and paid support staff. As well as providing feedback on reviews, the editorial team develop policies and guidelines for the Group to ensure reviews are of high quality and reflect the needs of end users.

Coordinating Editors
The Coordinating editors take a leadership role, guiding editorial policy and strategic direction. They also aact as the Sign off editor on all protocols and reviews for publication.

Dr Rebecca Armstrong
Dr Hilary Thomson

Contact Editors
The editors all have the opportunity to review title proposals (via submitted Review Proposal  Forms - RPFs) from prospective author teams. Each registered review is allocated a contact editor, whose role it is to compile and add to comments from the alloted Statistical editor, Methods editor, Information specialist, and LMIC advisor and, at stage two of the editorial process, the external referees, for presentation to the athor team.

Professor Maureen Dobbins
Ms Miranda Cumpston
Dr Jonathan Shepherd
Mr Daniel Francis
Dr Rob Anderson
Dr Philip Baker
Mr Simon Ellis
Dr Belinda Burford (maternity leave)
Dr Ruth Turley
Dr Mary-Anne Land
Dr Vittal Katikireddi

Methods editors
Anke Rohwer
Asst Prof Lorainne Tudor Car
Dr Eva Rehfuess
Dr Erik von Elm
Dr Gerald Gartlehner
Ursula Griebler

Statistical editors
Professor Sreekumaran Nair
Dr Reza Yousefi-Nooraie
Assoc Professor Elmer Villanueva

Information specialists
Mr Patrick Condron
Ms Irma Klerings

Editorial advisors
Editorial advisors undertake a variety of roles, according to expertise and interest, including providing advice to the editorial group on policies, and/or contributing to review proposal assessments.

Dr Mark Petticrew
Professor Margaret Whitehead
Dr Ruhi Saith (LMIC Editorial Consultant)

Managing Editor
Jodie Doyle

Interested in contributing?

If you are interested in performing in any of these roles and believe you have the skills and enthusiasm needed to do so, please contact the Managing Editor, Jodie Doyle, at jodied@unimelb.edu.au