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CPH works closely with public health organisations, stakeholders and practitioners to identify needs and priorities for reviews to inform decision making.  We value all input on matters of relevance, including providing suggestions for topics of systematic reviews, peer-referees for our reviews in-production, and training requests (how to use evidence in decision making and/ or how to produce systematic reviews).

Whilst some of these tasks are undertaken on a voluntary basis, or as part of academic pursuits, funders dedicated to supporting best evidence in health promotion and public health are often called upon to provide resources to ensure projects are carried out.

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Become a Cochrane review author                                                                                      

If you are interested in undertaking a review, have identified a review question within the scope of CPH, and have an author team with a mix of content and methodology expertise, contact the Managing Editor ( to discuss next steps. We have provided an outline of how to progress through the editorial process, should you be interested in undertaking a review with CPH, in a slide presentation. Please follow all the directions and links provided in this presentation, so as to be best prepared.

Managing Expectations of Authors    

Please view the Collaboration's policy on the expectations we have of our authors, and what the authors can expect from CPH.

The Cochrane Reviewers Handbook  and MECIR standards outlines the methods and requirements of a Cochrane review. This handbook will give the reviewer an idea of the amount of work involved in a Cochrane review but could be heavy going for a newcomer! Workshops are offered by several Cochrane Centres throughout the world.

Click here for dates, but contact your nearest Centre for futher details.

Peer referee Cochrane protocols and reviews

All CPH protocols and reviews are commented on by external referees post-editorial input and prior to final draft for publication. External referees are not expected to have expertise in systematic review methodology, but are asked to comment on the the accuracy of the perception of the issue and the interventions under review, the planned parameters for studies to be included in the final review (inclusion criteria - populations, interventions, study designs and outcomes),  and general 'readability' of the protocol, and review thereafter, from the perspective of a potential end user of the review.

If you like to be an external referee for our protocols and review, please send us an email

Suggest topics for reviews

CPH seeks to publish reviews of most relevance to public health practitioners and policy makers. We rely on relevant stakeholders to communicate their evidence needs to us, so that we may prioritise editorial resources appropriately, advocate for funding, for review authors to undertake the work, and for dissemination of the findings thereafter.  If you would like to suggest topics for our reviews, please send us an email.

Be a consumer representative                                                                                       

Consumers are the recipients of interventions for health (includes patients or clients, or targeted populations). CPH calls upon consumers to referee protocols and reviews prior to publication to ensure readability and relevance to end-users. Every Cochrane Review Group aims to have members who will represent the consumer viewpoint in deciding which reviews are done, what questions on which they focus, and how the results are presented.

The Cochrane Consumer Network coordinates the involvement of consumers within the Collaboration. You can also contact specific Review Groups for more information.

Host a Cochrane Workshop

The CPH offers training workshops across the country:
The following types of workshops may be offered:

  • Evidence Informed Public Health
  • Conducting Systematic Reviews of Health Promotion and Public Health Interventions

To host a similar workshop, or for more information please email Rebecca Armstrong.

Contact your nearest Cochrane Centre for further local support

Enhancing applicability

Do you have ideas for making our reviews more useful for decision-makers? Email Rebecca Armstrong