COVID-19 Cochrane Special editions and free CLib access to all

Updates on Cochrane's resources and news regarding Coronaviruse (COVID-19) - here 

Cochrane Special Collections

Coronavirus (COVID-19): infection control and prevention measures - freely available here
Coronavirus (COVID-19): evidence relevant to critical care - freely available here
Coronavirus (COVID-19): effective options for quitting smoking during the pandemic - freely available here
Coronavirus (COVID-19): optimizing health in the home workspace - freely available here
Coronavirus (COVID-19): support for wellbeing in the healthcare workforce- freely available here

Evidence Aid is also preparing and updating summaries of relevant research, which are available in English with links to translations in other languages - here

Scientific research and innovation will be vital in containing and mitigating the effects of the rapidly evolving COVID-19 pandemic. Cochrane’s senior leadership, together with counterparts at our publishing partner, Wiley, have been exploring ways that Cochrane can respond promptly to this unprecedented global health crisis by making our health evidence more accessible and available to those needing to make informed decisions at this time. This involves making our content openly available on the Wiley Online Library with other relevant content as well as our participation in a broad industry initiative to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and the pace of clinical discovery...
In addition, we have agreed that, as of today, the Cochrane Library will be temporarily unrestricted for everyone in every country of the world. We are taking this unprecedented move to ensure that all Cochrane evidence is accessible for all those involved in combating the pandemic and its effects on public health.

from Karla Soares-Weiser (MD, MSc, PhD).
Editor in Chief, Cochrane Library,
Editorial & Methods Department | Cochrane Central Executive