Cochrane Germany/IfEM: New member of Cochrane Public Health Europe

The team of Cochrane Germany and the Institute for Evidence in Medicine (IfEM), Medical Center – University of Freiburg are a new member of the European satellite of Cochrane’s Public Health review group. Cochrane Public Health Europe (CPHE) was founded in March 2015 to promote evidence-informed public health research and to build a stronger base of Cochrane Public Health in Europe. With Cochrane Germany and the IfEM, CPHE now comprises seven groups and around twenty public health experts in the three German-speaking countries. Cochrane Germany/IfEM has already been a close partner of CPHE and has contributed to various tasks, such as recruiting and training new reviewers and translating plain language summaries and abstracts of Cochrane reviews. Prof. Jörg Meerpohl - Director of Cochrane Germany and IfEM - and Dr. Lukas Schwingshackl, senior researcher and expert in nutritional epidemiology, will participate in the dissemination and translations of Public Health reviews but also in other CPHE tasks. For more information about CPHE and the involved institutes, please visit the CPHE page.