Cochrane Public Health South Asia

Following the successful symposium at Manipal University in November 2011, we announced the formation of the satellite of Cochrane Public Health for South Asia based in India in 2012.

CPH South Asia sits within a new enterprise within the Manipal University at Manipal, that aligns with the Melbourne editorial team and organisational context under the broad title of Public Health Evidence ­South Asia (PHESA) - see PHESA website.

The activities of the CPH South Asia includes mentoring Cochrane review authors of public health topics from the South Asian region, production of Cochrane reviews relevant to the South Asian region, and translation of review findings into policy and practice through networking of government and local level institutions. The satellite will also be involved in methodological developments to address challenges in evidence synthesis of complex public health interventions.

The activities are headquartered in Manipal led by Prof. Sreekumaran Nair (Dr. TMA Pai Endowment Chair in Systematic Reviews and Evidence Based Public Health, & Statistical Editor, CPHG) and Dr T.V Bhumika 

PHESA looks forward to working with stakeholders to create and disseminate better evidence for good health.

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