Knowledge Translation

The CPHG actively engages in activities that aim to support evidence-informed decision-making. These activities are often referred to as 'knowledge translation and exchange'. This includes ensuring our reviews are relevant and useful to decision-makers, workforce capacity building (training), and undertaking primary research to establish the most effective knowledge translation methods.

What works in supporting evidence-informed decision-making?

The CPHG is involved in an exploratory cluster randomised controlled trial to assess the effectiveness of knowledge translation strategies. Funded by NHMRC, the trial is being conducted with local governments in Victoria, Australia. Baseline measures have been completed. The trial was completed in November 2011. Outcome data will be published soon. For more information see the links below or contact Dr Rebecca Armstrong
Protocol for the KT4LG study
Intervention design of KT4LG
Outcomes of KT4LG (presentation)

CPHG staff and key research partners are undertaking a relevant Cochrane review - "Knowledge translation strategies for facilitating evidence-informed public health decision making among managers and policy-makers". This review will be published by the CPHG and is currently at protocol stage. To access this protocol, click here

Training: Evidence-informed decision-making in Public Health 

For more than ten years, the Cochrane Public Health Group have worked with a range of public health agencies to provide workforce capacity building courses in evidence-informed decision making. Individuals and organisations from a range of settings have participated, including State Government Departments of Health, VicHealth, community health services, primary care partnerships, local governments, non-government organisations (e.g. Heart Foundation), State Government Department of Education, the National Health and Medical Research Council, the Australian National Preventive Health Agency, and international health ministries. CPHG also contributes this content to Masters and Undergraduate courses.

This course aims to build skills and confidence in defining, asking questions about, searching for, and accessing evidence; critically appraising the relevance and quality of evidence; interpreting and applying evidence to policy and practice; and identifying the core components needed for practice-based evidence (evaluation). The course also explores organisational strategies that may support practitioners to work in an ‘evidence-informed’ way.

Are you interested in attending or hosting a short-course todevelop skills and strategies for evidence-informed public health decision-making?We would be delighted to hear from you. Contact us via twitter!/CochranePH or email

Poster on the ongoing evaluation of our evidence-informed decision-making training
Paper on the implementation and evaluation of evidence-informed decision-making training