Social Networks and Support Reviews

Social Networks and Support

  • Social support, educational, and behavioral modification interventions for improving household disaster preparedness in the general community-dwelling population (read the protocol)
  • Community coalition-driven interventions to reduce health disparities among racial and ethnic minority populations (read the review)

  • Individual-, family-, and school- level interventions targeting multiple-risk behaviours in young people (read the review)

  • Behavioural interventions delivered through interactive social media for health behaviour change, health outcomes, and health equity in the adult population (read the review)

  • Interventions for promoting reintegration and reducing harmful behaviour and lifestyles in street-connected children and young people (read the review and one page summary

  • Interventions implemented through sporting organisations for promoting healthy behaviour or improving health outcomes (read the protocol

  • Targeted mass media interventions promoting healthy behaviours to reduce risk of non-communicable diseases in adult, ethnic minorities (read the review)

  • Video calls for reducing social isolation and loneliness in older people: a rapid review (read the review, read Evidently Cochrane blog; listen to Spanish podcastEnglish podcastCroation podastChinese podcast